Tendinitis Care

Tendinitis Care

Pain and limited mobility don’t help anyone. Whether you want to shine on the athletic field, pick up your grandkids without worry or just live more comfortably at work and at home, you can’t do it with tendinitis.

Tendinitis Care Riverdale, NJ

This all-inclusive term simply means you have pulled, strained or torn a tendon. While the injury can be quite painful, it is almost always very curable with the right assistance. Get that assistance here at Advanced Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy today.

What is Tendinitis

Tendinitis is a common problem for athletes, desk workers and others who perform repetitive motions. Initially symptoms are usually more mild, while over time they may progress to being very painful and severely limiting your range of motion. Over time, joints may even start to become “frozen,” which means they cannot move the way they are supposed to. If you’re noticing pain in your elbow, shoulder, knee or wrists, you need dedicated care. But first: what types of tendonitis exist?

Types of Tendonitis

Many types of tendonitis exist, but the most common areas are the shoulder, elbow and knee. These areas have sensitive tendons that can be injured relatively easy by repetitive motions, typically related to sports. The most frequent conditions we see include:

  • Tennis elbow
  • Golfer's elbow
  • Pitcher's shoulder
  • Swimmer's shoulder
  • Jumper's knee

As you can see, athletes are the most prone to such injuries. However, people who work in non-ergonomic settings or do a lot of repetitive lifting can also suffer such injuries.

How Do I Know If I Have Tendonitis?

Tendonitis usually makes itself known by sharp pains in the affected area. These pains may be present when you are at rest, and can sometimes be so bad they wake you up. Usually, though, you’ll notice them when repeating the motion: a golf swing, a swimming stroke, etc. Pain may also be accompanied by inability to move the joint the way you should.

Chiropractic Care and More | Tendinitis and Other Injuries

If you think you have tendonitis and need a full examination, or know you have it and are ready for treatment, it’s time to see a chiropractor. We offer a variety of Chiropractic Care and physical rehabilitation services, and routinely help patients coming into our practice to achieve more comfort and greater range of motion. Our services include manual adjustments, Cold Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, physical therapy, corrective exercises and more.

Whether you’re experiencing tendinitis or other symptoms of overuse, acute or chronic injuries, we can help. Advanced Sports Medicine & Physical Therapy is a premier chiropractic clinic, with the deep experience and knowledge needed to heal you and keep you healthy for as long as possible.

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